Pattern Making

  • High quality single or multi cavity plastic production patterns, crucial for conformity to design and good moulding practice.
  • Off tool sample inspection reports produced by our Automotive QC section.


  • "Rigid box” moulding. High strength steel flask to ensure maximum rigidity of sand mould producing "X-ray quality products, which cannot be obtained by "flaskless" moulding.
  • Multiple "Risers" to feed metal during metal shrinkage phase contributing to improved quality.

Surface Finish

  • Use fine virgin grain sand where essential.
  • Grit blast clean.
  • Nil or minimal grinding on inside surface.
  • Quality paint finishes available
  • Various rust preventatives available

Heat Treatment

  • After-cast heat treatment to your requirements.

Metal Melting

  • High quality feed, known analysis, including using metal from our metal stamping facility.
  • Induction melting process.
  • Casting normally between 100kg and 2000kg
  • Small and large quantities available.

Testing and Quality Assurance

  • Qualified personnel.
  • Daily validation checks.
  • Service agreements to test equipment. Calibrated equipment.
  • Serial numbers on each casting is available.
  • All castings are Traceable to metal heat number.
  • Coupons cast on ingot mould end. One sample per heat checked.
  • Metallography. Graphite nodularity, pearlite % and free of carbides.
  • Hardness, Brinnel testing is available in house.
  • Test certificates produced for internal control and available for customers.
  • External conformance checks and benchmarking to existing supplier is also available.

Wear Liners

  • High Hardness, High Abrasion resistance in NiHard and HiChrome white iron castings. The new range of IXL Insert Liner Plates and Wear Billets can eliminate bolts from ROM bins and replace cladplate tile liners.
  • IXL Chute Liners improve productivity of the feed chute assets to align with mill changeouts. With a manufacturing base in Australia, prompt responses, short lead times our customer support is quality assured.
  • IXL Metal Castings Pty Ltd has a diverse client base across a number of mining
  • sectors including customers such as CPM, Resolute Mining and Alcoa.